My bf is a fucking idiot, I am gonna break up with him one day because of his dumm action :blobthinkingcool:

Idk what happened but my boi seems constantly unhappy lately. And I need to somehow reduce my impatience :-|
Anyway I am so fucking mean somehow :Mouais:

WHO THE HELL knows that someday you might have to chat with somebody via direct posts on Mastodon :oh_no: :oof:

:Sure a partagé

im watching The Thing but in german and suddenly its less scary

:Sure a partagé

Falls hier jemand ist, der schon mal direkt in #Plume Texte erfasst hat, ich wäre sehr an ein paar Tips interessiert.

:Sure a partagé

My bf @adidal has just explained to me about a series of computer stuff, and yes I don’t even understand


wanna avoid twitter as much as possible ? then u gotta try mastodon. u can directly create yourself an account on my instance.