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Sont assez drôles les ingérences chinoises dans le gouvernement Australien.

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.03% of ocean plastic comes from straws. 46 percent comes from fishing nets.

fyi Im probably only sell it to europeans cause its expedition cost's gonna be terrible

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Hey people ! I'm going to study abroad which means I'm selling my homemade NAS for 300$.

Its caracteristics :
- Up to 4 front disks + 1 internal -> HOT SWAP NOT SUPPORTED
- 2x3To WD Red (>1 yo) + 64Go SanDisk SSD
- Intel Core i3-4130 @ 3.4Ghz -> support virtualization
- 16GO Ram DDR3 Kingston KHX1600C10D3 (2x8Go)
- 2 Gigabit ports RTL8111 + Centrino Wireless-n 2230
- Integrated low-consumption PSU : ATX IP-S265AU7-2 265 W 80PLUS Bronze
- Zotac Motherboard H87ITX-A-E

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living with people who are anti-spider is torture. they will not believe that spiders are harmless because they read a news article on someone pissing off a brown recluse once. they will not believe they are the result of another pest infestation and are the solution.

spiders are natures janitor. i let them live everywhere i go. if you dont like them, clean your house better.
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en plus c un NAS fait maison avec amour

bouh ya personne qui veut m'acheter mon NAS sur Ricardo :(

damn since I've uploaded new pictures of me on Badoo my popularity sky-rocketed

putain les laser games en Suisse ça coûte 32.- par personne pour une putain d'heure

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Just another example of how #DRM violates your rights as a software user: Metal Gear Rising is now unplayable on the Mac because of DRM. Join us on September 18 to fight back on the International Day Against DRM: source:

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Alex Jones sell something called "The real red pill"


Republic of Jura aka Redneck Nation™