Imagine - the year is 2024

Sony bans all non-american games that depict women showing skin between the wrists and ankles

Microsoft buys Valve and releases a steambox-xbox hybrid that is really just a Stadia compeditor that syncs with your old steam library

Your COMCAST™ Gamer package costs $80 a month for 60down 15up and excludes Google Stadia© traffic from your 1TB data cap

You accidentally went to a blacklisted web browser using Google Chrome© on your Windows 10™ PC because you had a Stadia tab open and forgot to swap to a different browser.

Google bans your stadia account, assuming wrongthink. Microsoft does the same.

PS5 has no games so you dust off your retro N64 and plug it into your smart tv using an hdmi adapter.

The boot up sound plays. Your smart TV microphone pics this up and disables that video port.

You crack open your Monster Ultra Zero® and rethink your hobbies, and sink deeper into depression

Gentle reminder to not mock people for being excited about trying something new just because it’s well inside your comfort zone. There are so many valid reasons someone might just be discovering it—it’s never too late. Be excited for them!

vous vous rappelez quand le fascisme c'était encore socialement inacceptable ? 😂

Signs of recession on the horizon? This stock photo of two besuited men shaking hands says otherwise.

This Tuesday 26/03, the #copyright directive will be voted in the European Parliament!

Without surprise, some press publishers are threatening parlementarians (MEP) if they vote against this reform.

Let your MEP know that you don't want this shitty law! Contact them and threaten them to never vote for them again!

All information on what is this reform about:

Sign the petition:

Contact your MEP:

#Article11 #Article13

if ana wifi service is so good how come there isn‘t an ana wifi serv-

Google's way of downplaying an open calendar file standard, in order to give their own proprietary, non-interoperable calendar SaaS an edge: call it "Apple calendar":

je ne critique pas qui défile pour le climat parce que je suis d'accord.
Le 1er ministre rend hommage à ces manifs pacifiques en opposition à celles des gilets jaunes qui "cassent".
Pardon mais la seule conclusion qui s'impose c'est que les manifs climat, ils n'en ont rien à foutre.

Born too soon to see gay space communism

born too late to see anarchists from Catalunya fighting fascism.

born just in time to see the prole revolt being crushed by the army in France.

Acte 2 -> Le mouvement s'essouffle
Acte 3 -> Le mouvement s'essouffle
Acte 4 -> Le mouvement s'essouffle
Acte 5 -> Le mouvement s'essouffle
Acte 16 -> Le mvmt s'essouffle
Acte 17 -> Le mvmt s'essouffle
Acte 18-> Le mouvement est mort
Acte 19 -> On envoie l'armée !

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Eco-fascism is undergoing a revival in the fetid culture of the extreme right

> Some see looming ecological collapse as an opportunity to re-order society along their preferred, frankly genocidal, lines

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