Hey people any idea on how to keep in touch with somebody that is planning to stay a while in China? Im not a big fan of WeChat tbh neither do I want this person to take any unnecessary risks. WhatsApp is banned. Major platforms are banned. I don't want this person to raise suspicious and I certainly want to avoid troubles with the Political Police :/

More local game dev group shenanigans, there's an opportunity to meet with a Valve rep through one of the org's board members, but it's only eligible to people who didn't apply to the showcase that they throw, for some fuckin reason.

The same showcase where 3 of the org's board members have games in.

so you could have applied for the show, gotten rejected, then be locked out of meeting with a valve rep.

L'actu :
- L'Amazonie crame depuis 17 jours à cause d'un président fasciste
- Amazon et Microsoft fabriquent des armes autonomes et sont susceptibles de course à l'armement
- Le seuil des retraites fixé par le gouvernement est en-dessous du seuil de pauvreté

*ferme la vie et retourne cultiver son jardin...
...dans Second Life*

should i open my mail server to the public, so all you dudes in space can get networked?

uspol, extreme racism, sad 

hey if u are a big fan of Qt, I posted a question about QDnsLookup on the QtForum cause I've got a weird DNS resolution issue : forum.qt.io/topic/106078/qdnsl

somehow im pretty sure that the person behind this account is a fat neckbeard instead of a woman with blond hair 🤔

franchement c'est bcp plus chaud d'essayer d'aguicher les RH d'un État que d'une compagnie

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wanna avoid twitter as much as possible ? then u gotta try mastodon. u can directly create yourself an account on my instance.