lol wat. The EU passed a law authorising its state-member to force the removal of online content without judicial oversight

wait til you hear about what Australia did

wish i could say the same. so much depressing news wrt security, privacy and freedom in the past 24h.

@interum well technically it's gonna take a few weeks until its trully accepted. So there is still place for action. That's why I just created a Meetup group in my city, so that we can organize some protests or something. I wanna also spread the good word about Mastodon lol

@interum but what really shocks me, its the passivity. nobody talks about this stuff, except LaQuadratureDuNet and a few Civil Liberties organisation.

right, im shocked its seen no publication outside a few outlets in Australia. all of the articles are short. and everywhere else... nothing. that's scarier than the bill passing in the first place

@interum tbh I think ppl just don't understand the critical threat it poses to liberties in general, not just online, but everywhere and for everyone. its just a shame that german and swiss people are not used to protest like the French ppl do.

@adidal is this about article 13 or is it a brand new atrocious law

Of course its a brand new law. It wouldn't be funny otherwise

@adidal does this law have a searchable name? is seemingly impossible to find anything about it
@adidal oh, i actually did see something about "must remove extremist content within one hour" but iirc it was dated earlier
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