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every time i think i'm getting better at something i remember this

Seeing a lot of "actually mastadon is bad and won't solve all your problems" on Twitter and like yeah okay everything is bad and only death will solve all my problems. I know that.

At least this place is fun tho

sinon les gens si vous avez envie d'offrir bien gentiment vos données à Google y'a toujours ça :

Suis-je le seul à trouver les comics de @geekscottes absolument à chier ?

America: All regulation is evil, businesses must be allowed to do whatever they like

Telcos: *Sell your detailed location data to bounty hunters and anyone else who asks*


En Allemagne, un responsable politique quitte Twitter… et se voit considéré comme un déserteur -

> Coprésident des Verts allemands, Robert Habeck a fermé ses comptes sur le réseau social. Beaucoup le lui ont reproché.

#Twitter #Haine #wtf

I wanted to go easy with this one. 2018 - lots of time and consideration, 2019 - 5 min and loose brush
#mastoart #traditionalart #creativetoots

Me: I’m going to quit Mastodon.
Also me: Hello, have you heard the good news about our lord and savior Mastodon?

In other words, I’m back!

When a chinese student explains to you that you can freely criticize the Communist Party without taking any risks

ah ouais en fait les gens faudrait gentiment penser à appeler vos représentants européens, histoire qu'on se ramasse pas l'article 13 en pleine gueule.

The year is 2025. Mastodon has 3 separate federations: "The Core Instances", "The Badlands" and "The Outer Rim Worlds". The Outer Rim Worlds, long since cut off from the Mastodon Core, have developed their own set of rules. Some say, they are even working on their own Mastodon code base, but no one knows for sure anymore, as most are too afraid to venture past...The Badlands.

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wanna avoid twitter as much as possible ? then u gotta try mastodon. u can directly create yourself an account on my instance.